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Mass Effect Legendary Edition – G2A Global Special

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition key should be activated on Steam.

Throughout the growth of human civilization people have enjoyed their livings. Upon their research on Mars they were able to explore and learn new technologies leading to continuous progress in various discovering new masses, ancient means of devices that opened up gates for fast travels, even faster than lights.

This travel to other dimensions made it possible for human race to join other intelligent races to keep the safeguard the galaxy. Now for the same Commander Shepard is appointed to work on the most problematic cases along with the Special Forces and Surveillance Troops. But sooner enough his abilities will be put to test as there is some serious danger coming from far space that will have to be immediately addressed.

Your Choices Have a Huge Impact
In Mass Effect, your decisions have a big impact. They affect your path and can even have an impact on events in later games in the series, whether they result in happy endings or unfortunate ones. A deeper connection to the ongoing story is encouraged by the remastered trilogy’s feature that permits save file transfers across games, strongly improving participation and the overall role-playing experience. Beyond that, a combination of morality system in Mass Effect allows players to adopt either rebellious or virtuous traits, which expands the possibilities of how characters interact and storyline take turns.

Key Features
  • The whole Mass Effect trilogy, packaged with a ton of DLC.
  • The renowned science fiction action role-playing game has been remastered.
  • Captivating plot with unexpected turns, surprising turns, and charming characters.
  • Improved graphics now available in breathtaking 4K super HD.
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